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Is space the answer?

16 August 2007

Dr Kevin Fong, Co-Director of the UCL Centre for Aviation Science, will join space experts from around the world to discuss: 'Is space the answer to human progress?' as part of this year's BA Festival of Science.

While fifty years of space activity may have changed our communications, technology and our understanding of the origins of life and the universe, there is still much to discover and do on our own planet.

As we face numerous humanitarian crises around the world and the effects of climate change become ever more catastrophic, can space science help us to solve these earthbound problems? These are the questions the panel are hoping to address.

To find out more about the debate, which takes place between 6-8pm on 12 September, at the National Centre for Early Music, St Margaret's Church, Walmgate use the link at the top of this article.