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Spiritual 'healing' at UCLH

19 September 2006


timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,17909-2347584.html" target="_self">'A feeling for healing'

The haematology ward at UCLH is home to the first paid spiritual healer in the NHS, according to a recent article in 'The Times'.

Angie Buxton-King, along with two colleagues, provides spiritual treatments to any patient who asks for it on the ward, and is getting very positive feedback about the difference she is making.

Doctors are quick to make clear that these treatments have no proven health benefits and are offered only as an accompaniment to conventional treatments. However, Professor Anthony Goldstone [UCL Haematology], a consultant at the haematology unit, said: "[Patients] tell us that healing, or other complementary therapies, put them in a better mental state and make them more able to face up to yet another needle, or another round of treatment-related nausea."

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