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Call for papers: Opticon 1826

19 September 2006

A new academic journal founded by UCL graduate students is calling for contributions from UCL staff and students for its inaugural issue.


'Opticon 1826' was launched in May 2006 with support from the UCL Graduate School, and is publishing its inaugural issue in October 2006. Led by UCL graduate students and internally reviewed, the bi-annual journal intends to provide a forum in which disciplines can cross paths and have an opportunity to engage with assumptions, perspectives and methodologies from outside their own field of study.

Created for the UCL faculties of Laws, Arts & Humanities, Social & Historical Sciences and the UCL Bartlett School, the journal has just announced the appointment of Faculty Editors, all students from the faculties they represent.

Founding member and Editor-in-Chief Miss Gesche Ipsen (UCL Comparative Literature) said: "Opticon 1826 aims to stretch the parameters within which we are commonly tempted to consider the world around us, both inside and outside our college walls. We are now seeking contributions, primarily in the form of articles and reviews or commentaries, although creative images and texts are also always very welcome."

Gesche added: "A list of possible topics can be found on our website, but they are there for inspiration only and are in no way intended to restrict you to a particular subject matter. If you have a piece of work you would like to put forward for publication, but aren't sure whether its topic is suitable, please feel free to send it to your Faculty Editor. He or she can then take a look at it and let you know whether or not it fits in with our first issue. There's no harm in trying!"

Image: From Opticon 1826


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