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What I want for Christmas is … an anti-religion rant

14 October 2006

A book that rejects religion and argues for the non-existence of God is heading to be the No 1 bestseller for Christmas.

Richard Dawkins's 'The God Delusion' is at the top of the bestseller chart of the online bookseller Amazon, and is climbing up 'The Times' bestseller chart. …

Rival science author Steve Jones, Professor of Genetics at UCL, whose latest book 'The Single Helix' is due to be published soon, said: "The polls tell us there could be 20 million Creationists in Britain.

"Twenty million people will not need a yule log this Christmas, they will be able to burn Dawkins's book instead. Personally, I do not care if they burn my own books, as long as they buy them first."

Professor Jones, named Secularist of the Year by the National Secular Society last week, said: "To see the forces of irrationality coming back again is depressing.

"I find the whole business of believing boring, whereas Richard gets upset and passionate about it. But he's at Oxford, he's got time to be passionate." …

Ruth Gledhill, 'The Times'