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UCL Environment Institute director announced

13 October 2006


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  • Professor Mark Maslin
  • Professor Malcolm Grant, President and Provost of UCL, has appointed Professor Mark Maslin to the post of Director of the UCL Environment Institute.

    Commenting on the appointment, Professor Grant said: "Environmental science is already a great strength of UCL. Professor Maslin will lead the UCL Environment Institute to link together our existing environmental research strengths and to produce a greater focus on environmental research related to climate change, a pressing concern for all of us in the twenty first century."

    The UCL Environment Institute will provide a stimulus to UCL's environmental research activities in response to an open review of the Sciences of the Natural Environment led by Professor David Price, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. The institute will improve UCL's capacity by providing resources for further developing UCL's research networks on three main themes: Life and evolution in the context of contemporary and palaeo-climate change, The science of water management and Cities and the quality of life.

    Professor Mark Maslin said: "The synergy between science, social science, engineering, the arts and humanities at UCL means we are uniquely placed to tackle the issues raised by climate change. The UCL Environment Institute will play a leading role in developing these pan-disciplinary endeavours."

    Professor Dave Delpy, UCL's Vice-Provost (Research), welcomed Professor Maslin, saying: "UCL's environmental research groups are already world-class. The UCL Environment Institute will encourage multi-disciplinary research and will allow the university to use its great depth in environmental science to respond to some of the most important problems facing our planet today."

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