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Exhibition: 'Stereo/Mono'

5 October 2006

UCL tutors Stuart Munro and Shaun Murray (UCL Bartlett School of Architecture) are exhibiting their work at the UCL Bartlett's Lobby Gallery from 4-14 October 2006.

Entitled 'Stereo/Mono', the work presented is two-dimensional but resides in the three-dimensional, real world. Packed with poetry, narrative, ideas of simulation and replication, instantaneous flights of fancy and slow-burning desire, the work of both architects is very closely related.

Shaun's work is concerned with ecologies, ecotypes, notation, interfaces and aesthetics. Stuart dabbles in the same fields of interest yet applies them in less obvious architectural areas.

Shaun employs poetry and landscape, while Stuart embroiders graphic design and language, with both managing to work together. Both have exhibited, lectured and have been published throughout the world. Shaun is completing his PhD, while Stuart is about to embark on an extensive tour of Japan.

Shaun said: "The work shown is a mixture from our personal practice as well as unseen and unused material from completed or unrealised projects, happy failures or unpleasant consequences of professional practice."

The exhibition, at 22 Gordon Street WC1, will be formally opened on 5 October at 6pm and Shaun Murray's book, 'Disturbing Territories', will be available for purchase. A bar will be run and all are welcome.

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