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Event: Randomness and Certainty

2 October 2006

UCL scientists Dr Mark Lythgoe (UCL Institute of Child Health) and Dr R Beau Lotto (UCL Institute of Ophthalmology) are participating in the 'Randomness and Certainty' event at the British Academy's Dana Centre on 3 October 2006 at 6.

randomness 30pm.

The multimedia event will explore how being a scientist influences your understanding of life. 'Randomness and Certainty' is a new media artwork by 'artafterscience' that juxtaposes hundreds of sound clips from interviews with scientists against a backdrop of imagery.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion addressing the issues raised by the project. Hosted by journalist and broadcaster Vivienne Parry (UCL Zoology 1978), the panel features science presenter Shini Somarathne, Associate Editor of the journal 'Science' Joanne Baker, Dr Lotto and Dr Lythgoe.Artist Zev Robinson and computer programmer Adrian Marshall created 'artafterscience' in 2001. For 'Randomness and Certainty' they asked dozens of scientists how their experience as a scientist influenced their personal understanding of life, in order to explore the relationship between science and the context in which it exists. Sound clips of their answers randomly are mixed with images - many supplied by the scientists themselves - so that each viewing is different. Over time, the work will be added to and viewers are invited to revisit the piece online to see how it evolves.

Dr Lotto said: "It's brilliant hearing how the personal lives of other scientists are also influenced by their research. But even more interesting is hearing how the science of some is a product of their more general views of life outside science."

Dr Lythgoe added: "I look at the world differently because of science. All those 'hows' and 'whys' my mum had explained to me via a combination of Mancunian folklore and Catholic faith were finally revealed to me in their infinite and wondrous detail."

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