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New research bulletin from UCL Arts & Humanities

21 November 2006

In its inaugural research bulletin, UCL Arts & Humanities announced the publication of a number of new books and a variety of other events covering the spectrum of activity within the faculty.

Among the highlights are Dr Núñez-Faraco (UCL Spanish & Latin American Studies), who has published 'Borges and Dante: Echoes of a Literary Friendship'. The book examines the three main aspects of the Argentine author Borges's reading of Dante - poetic language, ethics and love - and how they are revealed in his work, with particular focus on the period around 1920-1960.

Also writing about Borges is Professor Jason Wilson (UCL Spanish & Latin American Studies), whose biography of the writer follows the story of the boy who knew he would be blind in later life. Racing against his fate, the young Borges was a voracious reader, and Professor Wilson shows how events in his life were echoed in his fiction.

Dr Andrew Leak (UCL French) has written a book explaining the apparent contradictions in the life of Jean-Paul Sartre. While the philosopher's political affiliations were sometimes enigmatic, Dr Leak argues that a constant in his life was his 'quasi-neurotic' attachment to the act of writing.

The bulletin also reveals a focus on political and historical issues. Dr Mary Hilson (UCL Scandinavian Studies) has written 'Political Change and the Rise of Labour in Comparative Perspective: Britain and Sweden 1890-1920'. In addition, Professor Mary Fulbrook (UCL German), whose Arts & Humanities Research Council-funded project on East Germany in the 1960s and 70s has reached its final year, has been awarded an Additional Public Dissemination Award to publicise its results.

Ongoing work on the Survey of English Usage by Professor Bas Aarts (UCL English) is reflected in the publication of the 'Diachronic Corpus of Spoken Present Day English'. Professor Aarts has also co-edited 'The Handbook of English Linguistics', a major new tome featuring scholars from around the world.

The bulletin, which will be published several times a year, also features articles, lectures, conferences and exhibitions, as well as new appointments for faculty members. In his preamble to the first bulletin, Professor Jo Wolff (UCL Philosophy), Vice-Dean (Research) of UCL Arts & Humanities, wrote: "UCL is one of the country's leading universities in the arts and humanities. We are justly proud of our achievements in teaching and research."

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