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Medical ethics debate: Would you risk your life to treat pandemic bird flu?

20 November 2006

Distinguished speakers will debate the strength of the Hippocratic Oath at an event at UCL on Tuesday 28 November.

'Hero or Zero? Would you risk your life to care for patients in the next avian flu pandemic?' will be hosted by the UCL Union Medical Ethics Society in the Bentham House Main Lecture Theatre, from 6pm. Bentham House is located in Endsleigh Gardens, five minutes away from the UCL Main Building.

Guest speakers will be Professor Robert Dingwall, Director of the Institute for the Study of Genetics, Biorisks and Society at Nottingham University; Dr Janet Radcliffe-Richards, Director of the UCL Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Philosophy; and Dr Andrew Hayward, Senior Lecturer in Infectious Disease Epidemiology at the UCL Centre for Infectious Disease Epidemiology.

The obligation of healthcare professionals to put their own lives at risk in caring for patients within the context of a pandemic has fluctuated over the centuries. Achieving a current consensus on the issue is a vital element in preparing for the next pandemic. Students, staff and guests are invited to offer their opinions in the discussion, which will be followed by a cheese and wine reception.