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Virtual 'World of Knowledge' Exhibition

18 May 2006

A virtual and expanded version of the 'World of Knowledge' exhibition curated jointly by UCL Library Services Special Collections and UCL Museum and Collections is now available online.

Hawkbilled Turtle

The electronic exhibition, which features digitised images of historical artefacts, artworks and manuscripts from such famous figures as Jeremy Bentham and Joseph Hume among others, celebrates the profound contributions made to the arts, humanities and sciences by UCL staff, students and other individuals associated with the university between 1828 and today. Exhibits from a number of individual university collections are displayed.

Four of the values associated with the university helped to create the thematic structure of the exhibition, which is designed to celebrate UCL's traditions of cultural diversity, its innovative approach towards such varying disciplines as wireless telegraphy and biomedicine, the importance of the university's collections to both scholars and to the wider community and its use of exhibitions to help widen participation in higher education.

To access the virtual exhibition, please use the link at the bottom of this article.

Image: Hawkbilled Turtle - one of the virtual exhibits