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UCL chemical engineer wins medal

9 May 2006

Professor David Bogle (UCL Chemical Engineering and Head of the UCL Graduate School) has been awarded the Institution of Chemical Engineers' Council Medal.

The medal is awarded annually for exceptional service to the Institution on special projects. The citation was "for his technical leadership and contribution to the success of the 7th World Congress of Chemical Engineering."

This congress was held in Glasgow in July 2005 and with over 2000 participants was the largest ever held. Professor Bogle instituted a novel programme design for the congress, particularly designed to reach out beyond the traditional boundaries of chemical engineering and to get greater mixing within the discipline - this was judged to be a great success.

The programme focused on five key themes that encapsulated the very essence of modern chemical engineering: 'managing complexity', 'engineering for life', 'science into engineering', 'molecules into money' and 'advancing the fundamentals'.

To reflect the multidisciplinary nature of the subject, plenary and keynote speakers included chemists (including Nobel laureate Jean-Marie Lehn), bioscientists, mathematicians, accountants and economists as well as chemical engineers.

The award was presented to him at the Institution's annual Assembly last Friday in Billingham. There will be another celebration of the award at the Banqueting Hall in Whitehall in October at the Institution's Awards Dinner, to be hosted by Adam Hart-Davis.

To find out more about Professor Bogle, use the link at the top of the article.