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Stamp of Approval that Travels Well and Inspires Confidence

5 May 2006

Professor Richard Begent's [UCL Clinical Oncology] project has gone from strength to strength since winning last year's 'Times Higher' Award for Research Project of the Year.

And Professor Begent, chairman of the National Cancer Research Institute Informatics Initiative, is so pleased with the award that he uses it in presentations. "That kind of accolade is influential as well as being pleasing and encouraging for the people working on the project," he said.

"We take the award with us wherever we go and have it on our stand. It helps people feel they are supporting something that's got a stamp of approval."

The initiative, run by the Royal Free and University College London Medical School, aims to get people to share their research data for the greater good of the scientific community, a concept alien to many researchers.

"A lot of people have mentioned the award, and it seems to have helped produce culture change in the UK.

"Now, when we travel around, there's more openness to people making a great contribution by sharing their information," Professor Begent said.

Anthea Lipsett, 'The Times Higher Education Supplement'