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HOLIVAR2006: natural climate variability vs global warming

31 May 2006

Global warming is one of the most urgent issues for human society in the 21st century.

Global temperature change over the past 2000 years However, not everyone accepts that the observed warming of the last few decades is caused by increased concentrations of greenhouse gases associated with human activity; sceptics maintain that the natural variability of the climate system could equally be responsible.

At HOLIVAR2006, to be held at UCL's Environmental Change Research Centre from 12-15 June, palaeoclimatologists, climate historians and climate modellers will investigate how and why the natural climate system varies, and weigh up the relative importance of natural processes and human activity in explaining global warming.

UCL President and Provost Malcolm Grant will open the conference, followed by an introduction by Sir David King, Chief Scientific Advisor at the Office of Science and Technology. There will be 12 keynote speakers and the meeting will conclude with a panel discussion session.

Image: Reconstructions of global temperature change over the last 2000 years