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'El Nino: can predictions reduce hazard risk?'

11 May 2006

A seminar on the 11 May 2006 looked at how the insurance industry can effectively utilise El Nino forecasts.

Leading UCL researchers in the field of climate modelling and prediction united with representatives from the insurance industry to look at how forecasts of hazard risks, particularly in relation to tropical storms, can and are being used.

Professor Mark Saunders, of the UCL Department of Space and Climate Physics and the Benfield Hazard Research Centre said: "El Nino and La Nina are the strongest natural climate signals on the planet. They affect hurricane, typhoon, flood and drought incidence throughout the tropics and sub-tropics. Our ability to forecast El Nino and La Nina months in advance is steadily improving, leading to potential reductions in risk for the insurance and other industries. After the record-breaking 2005 Atlantic hurricane season, interest in using forecasts to reduce hurricane risk has never been higher."

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