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UCL English and the Victoria & Albert Museum create a new PhD studentship

28 March 2006

A new collaboration between UCL English Language & Literature and the Victoria & Albert Museum's National Art Library (NAL) has created an opportunity for PhD study at both institutions.

The project, funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council, aims to throw light on the making of the book in the 19th century, by investigating a range of questions of authorship, ownership, collecting, editing, life-writing, illustrating, and publishing. It will examine, through close study and analysis of the NAL's incomparable holdings, aspects of the literary culture of the period.

The successful applicant will complete a PhD on a topic relating to the theme of 'The Making of the Book in the 19th Century: Writing, Editing, Publishing, Collecting', making use of archival material in the museum and the NAL. These include, for example, the John Forster and Alexander Dyce collections of books, manuscripts and playbills, the Renier Collection of children's books and other 19th-century collections.

Collaborative research studentships provide opportunities for PhD students to gain firsthand experience of work outside an academic environment. The principal academic supervisor at UCL will be Professor Rosemary Ashton and the NAL's John Meriton (Deputy Keeper, Department of Word & Image) will be the supervisor in the V&A. The successful applicant will be based in the NAL for a period of some months to work directly on the collections.

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