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Letter: Let us hear the case for animal testing

1 March 2006

Sir: In 'Militants meet their match' (27 February 2006), it is said that "all primates should be included in the 1986 ban on vivisection that applies to chimpanzees".

Many of the most effective treatments for debilitating degenerative diseases of the brain have come from research in non-human primates done since 1986.

These include the remarkably effective treatment of deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders, a treatment developed entirely on the basis of research in primates and which is now available at several centres in the UK, not least in Oxford (where the neurosurgeon is Professor Tipu Aziz) and here at the UCL Institute of Neurology.

Professor Roger Lemon, Director of the UCL Institute of Neurology, 'The Independent', 1 March 2006