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Government accused of pitiful failure to meet target for greenhouse gas emissions

29 March 2006

Scientists, environmental campaigners and opposition politicians yesterday issued a scathing response to the government's admission that it will fail to meet a key target to cut greenhouse gas pollution.

They called the results of an 18-month review of climate change policies "pitiful" and accused ministers of lacking the political will to tackle global warming.

Margaret Beckett, the environment secretary, confirmed that measures to reduce emissions are now projected to cut UK carbon dioxide pollution by 15%-18% below 1990 levels by 2010. The government had pledged to reduce it by 20%. …

Professor Bill Maguire [Benfield Hazard Research Centre at UCL], an expert in natural disasters, said: "The government talks a good game when it comes to climate change, but there is simply not enough action. We cannot get away any longer with preaching about the horrors of climate change to the rest of the world when we are not placing sufficient emphasis on tackling the problem at home." If aircraft and shipping are included, then UK emissions in 2005 were higher than in 1990.

David Adam and Terry Macalister, 'The Guardian', 29 March 2006