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Gender identities in Early Italy

16 June 2006

Where have all the men gone? That is the question Dr Ruth Whitehouse of UCL Archaeology will ask at an international conference to be held at the Institute of Classical Studies on 20-21 June.

Gender Identities in Italy in the First Millennium BC is a collaboration between UCL Archaeology, the National University of Ireland, Galway and the Institute of Classical Studies, University of London. The event has been designed to bring together scholars from a range of backgrounds and at different stages in their careers. To date, the role of gender in pre-Roman and Roman history has not been explored as it has in other areas of ancient history and archaeology - something that the conference aims to put right. In addition to Dr Whitehouse's presentation, UCL will be represented by Dr Kathryn Lomas (UCL Archaeology) - who is organising the conference with Dr Edward Herring of the University of Ireland, Galway - and Dr Fay Glinister (UCL History).

For more information on the conference, follow the link below.