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Executive Director of the UCL International Institute for Society & Health

23 June 2006

The UCL International Institute for Society & Health (UCL IISH) is recruiting for the new post of Executive Director.

The post will enable UCL's pioneering work on the understanding of the social determinants of health to be spread out with a greater global reach and interdisciplinary vision.

She or he will work with the Director of the UCL IISH, Professor Sir Michael Marmot, and internationally acclaimed specialists from across UCL - in epidemiology, economics, tropical medicine and infectious disease research, women's and children's health, anthropology, social science, health policy and urban planning - to capitalise on the intellectual ferment and excitement that exists across disciplines regarding the UCL IISH's work.

Professor Marmot said: "There is no longer one set of diseases for rich countries and another for poor, but diseases linked to economic and social conditions that vary within and between countries. The new UCL IISH has a scientific agenda and a moral concern to deal with global health problems."

The UCL IISH is linked with a World Health Organisation Commission on the Social Determinants of Health, and aims to conduct research and develop actions that will improve health in developed and less developed countries.

UCL President and Provost Professor Malcolm Grant said the new institute exemplified UCL's qualities and goals: "Nothing in the private sector or government can come anywhere near a modern university like UCL, for the variety, depth, talent, versatility and intellectual capability of its members. We have the ability, and the moral responsibility, to address the difficult issues regarding health delivery across the globe."

To access further details and a full job description, or to find out more about the UCL IISH, use the link at the bottom of this article.


Job description and the UCL IISH