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UCL helping to make Richmond safer

4 January 2006

An innovative web project designed by the UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (UCL CASA) in conjunction with the Richmond police force has been launched to fight anti-social behaviour in Richmond town centre.

The Community Action in Richmond website is designed for members of the community to post details of a range of minor incidents which they have witnessed, but which do not require immediate police action. Details of the incidents are then passed to the relevant agency to deal with - with details of littering, for example, passed on to Richmond council, and information on underage young people drinking alcohol, passed on to the police.

Users of the site move through a series of screens which ask them what, when and where the incident happened; choosing from a list of incident types, marking the time of the incident on a simple calendar, and putting a virtual pin in a map of Richmond town centre to show exactly where it took place.

Inspector Mike Rabstein, from the Richmond Community team, commented: "This is an easy-to-use site for people to report minor incidents/occurrences, or just something they are unhappy about. This site is ideal for passing non-urgent information to the police and other agencies. The information we receive from it will help us to maintain Richmond as the safest London Borough. I would like to personally thank the team from UCL, in particular Professor Michael Batty, Sonja Curtis and Dr Andrew Hudson-Smith for all their help, guidance and expertise on this project."