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NIMR/UCL stem cell meeting

26 January 2006

Tangible evidence of the spirit of cooperation between scientists at UCL and the National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) was demonstrated recently at a jointly organised meeting on stem cell biology held at the latter's headquarters at Mill Hill.

Stem cell

The prospect of presentations from scientists working at the cutting edge of stem cell research at both UCL and NIMR attracted an audience of some 150 from the two institutions. The topics ranged from very fundamental studies in developmental neurobiology to the application of stem cells to therapies for age-related macular degeneration and heart disease.
The meeting was organised by Dr Vassilis Pachnis, Head of the Division of Development Neurobiology at NIMR and Professor Claudio Stern, Head of UCL Anatomy & Developmental Biology.

This meeting was especially timely in the light of intense international interest in the field and the recent publication of the Department of Health's 'UK Stem Cell Initiative Report'. The breadth and excellence of research at UCL and NIMR collectively in this potentially revolutionary therapeutic area, places them in a very strong position to respond positively to the report's recommendations.

Image: stem cell