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Director of UCL Images retires

3 January 2006

The retirement of Les Roberts, Director and Producer of UCL Images, the university's film production unit within Media Resources, was marked at a gathering of colleagues in December 2005.

After almost 30 years at UCL, 26 of them at UCL Images, Les took early retirement from UCL, but will be setting up his own production company. His wife Sue Roberts, who was Studio Manager and Production Assistant at UCL Images, has also left after 15 years at UCL and will join the new company.

UCL Images has produced many films for the UCL, including those for the Wolfson Foundation's 50th Anniversary, the Ambrose Fleming Centenary, the launch of the London Centre for Nanotechnology and the launch of Campaign for UCL.

UCL Images has won many awards, including a Gold Camera Award in the Professional Health Training Category at the US International Film & Video Festival 2003 for 'Just an Ordinary Day', produced for the Department of Health.

Simon Brown, Director of Media Resources, praised his work, calling it "eye-catching, exciting and visually creative. … Les is one of those people who is never really satisfied with doing in one production what he did last time. He is constantly striving to improve the standards, imagination and visual interest of his work, which reflects well on UCL, Media Resources and him personally. Thank you to Les and Sue for their support for teaching, research, recruitment and public relations at UCL."

Media Resources will continue to offer film production services to departments. Enquiries should be made through Simon Brown or John Conway, Head of Multimedia.

Image: The Roberts family, all of whom have worked at UCL