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Snap up your very own 50 million year-old shark's tooth

9 February 2006

Budding fossil hunters will get the chance to unearth their very own 50 million year-old shark's tooth at UCL  as part of this year's National Science Week.

Visitors to the free event at the Grant Museum of Zoology, Fossil Forage, will be able to work alongside scientists and be the first people to sieve through real fossil-rich sediment deposited in London over 50 million years ago and take home the artefacts they find. Around this time in London's history the city took a quick dip back under the sea. With sharks and crocodiles patrolling overhead, it was a very different place, but it was also the perfect place for fossils to form.

At the hands-on museum, visitors will also get the opportunity to explore a range of other fascinating fossils in a series of activities running throughout the day. This includes taking a trip through 400 million years of the Earth's history to see a mammoth's tusk, a sabre-tooth tiger's skull and pterodactyl fossils.

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