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Gay marriage 'is good for health'

14 February 2006

Gay "marriage" could boost the mental and physical health of homosexuals, doctors believe.

The report said civil partnerships, which were introduced in England and Wales in December, were likely to reduce prejudice and social exclusion.

The 'Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health' article was based on previous studies in other countries. …

Professor Michael King [UCL Mental Health Sciences], who co-wrote the article, said: "Civil partnerships are likely to break down some of the prejudice and promote greater understanding, including among staff working in the health service

"Legal civil partnerships could increase the stability of same sex relationships and minimise the social exclusion to which gay and lesbian people are often subjected." …

And the report said studies had shown those who are in a stable relationship, of either the same or opposite sex, enjoyed some health benefits.

BBC News Online, 14 February 2006