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Protecting the past in a troubled present

14 August 2006

How do you protect the treasures of the past in a war-torn present? Archaeologists from around the world will address this poignant and topical question at 'Archaeology in Conflict', a conference to be held at the UCL Institute of Archaeology on 10-12 November 2006.

Excavations in 1994 Beirut

The UCL Centre for Applied Archaeology has secured speakers from Lebanon, Iraq, the United States and Europe to discuss approaches to managing cultural heritage and sustainable development 
in conflict and post-conflict states in the Middle East.

Experts from UCL will provide case studies considering challenges presented in Palestine and Afghanistan among others. Participants will debate a range of issues, including reconstruction, memory archival, the transferral of skills and resources and how policy decisions are made in these situations.

Image: Archaeological excavations by the American University of Beirut in the war-damaged souks of Beirut in 1994, next to a small Mamluk shrine (the early 16th century Ribat of Ibn 'Iraq al-Dimashqi).