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Everest volunteers needed

16 August 2006

Medics need another 100 volunteers willing to climb Mount Everest.

A group of doctors from UCL is hoping to find better ways of treating patients suffering from low oxygen levels in the blood by studying why some people adapt better to being at high altitude than others. …

The guinea pigs will be tested for their exercise capacity, efficiency of their use of oxygen, their brain function and cognitive abilities - at low and high altitude.

The results will help those who have problems relating to low oxygen levels in the blood - from babies in incubators, to people with cystic fibrosis and lung diseases.

The expedition leader, Dr Mike Grocott, the co-director of the UCL Centre for Aviation, Space & Extreme Environmental Medicine, said: "At the 29,035ft summit of Everest, there's so little oxygen getting into the lungs that the body starts shutting down."

More information about the project is available on the internet at www.xtreme-everest.co.uk

Nic Fleming, 'The Daily Telegraph'