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UCL Online Staff Induction goes live

26 April 2006

New and established UCL staff members can now access online key information about working for the university.

The Online Staff Induction draws together a variety of policies and procedures useful to UCL employees. The information is arranged in seven tutorials, covering a range of areas such as what to expect during your first few weeks and a detailed list of facilities available, from media production resources to fitness classes.

The induction is interactive: staff can enter their payment details online, update their information on the staff directory, organise network access from the web, and download maps and key policies in full. The wealth of information is broken down into summaries, with links to more details and training opportunities elsewhere on the UCL website, such as the The-Learning Zone, UCL's online learning resource.

Staff can use the clear tutorials in any order and at any pace to fit around their schedules and priorities. Feedback is requested at the end of each one, as the current package is effectively a pilot that the Staff Training and Development Unit plan to review and develop next year.

UCL's President and Provost, Professor Malcolm Grant endorsed the Online Staff Induction: "UCL has several hundred new staff every year. The online package has been introduced to give access to this information more quickly, to more new staff, when they need it very early in their employment."

The Online Staff Induction forms one element of the radically revised staff induction programme. New starters are also now encouraged to attend a welcome event with UCL's President and Provost, Professor Malcom Grant, go on a guided tour of UCL and undertake an online diversity awareness programme.