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UCL: England's most-cited university

21 April 2006

UCL is the university in England most-cited by health researchers, a new study has found.

The report, 'Bibliometric analysis of highly cited publications of health research in England, 1995-2004', published by Leiden University in The Netherlands, shows that research from UCL is widely cited by researchers in health-related fields. From 1995-2001, for example, UCL produced more than 4,500 highly cited papers, compared with fewer than 3,500 for Oxford University which stood in second place, and slightly over 3,000 for Cambridge University at third place. King's College London and Imperial College London came in fourth and fifth respectively.

The number of citations that an institution receives in academic papers is widely considered to be a measure of importance and influence. This analysis, written to help identify candidate biomedical research centres as part of the UK Department of Health's research and development strategy, 'Best Research for Best Health', shows that UCL is at the forefront of a range of health disciplines.

The report was compiled by Thed van Leeuwen and Jonathan Grant, and is a result of collaboration between the Centre for Science and Technology Studies in The Netherlands and RAND Europe.

To read the report in full, follow the link at the bottom of this article.