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Rules on animal tests may face big changes

5 April 2006

Radical changes in the regulation and reporting of animal experiments to make the system reflect more accurately the amount of suffering in research are being considered by the government.

The Home Office's animals procedures committee and the Laboratory Animal Science Association outlined the proposals in a joint report yesterday. This included a pilot study in which the new system operated in nine institutions. …

David Smith, president of the Laboratory Animal Science Association, said the exercise "demonstrates the desire of scientists to be more transparent about their work with animals".

Sara Nathan, who chairs the animals procedure committee, said it was "a big step forward for openness" that the centres had allowed themselves to be identified. They are: Oxford University, Imperial College London, UCL, GlaxoSmithKline, AstraZeneca, Covance, the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, the National Institute for Medical Research and the Medical Research Council Harwell. …

Clive Cookson, 'Financial Times'