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New research publications database

7 October 2005

A new web database for entering and viewing UCL academic staff research publications details online is now available to view on the UCL website.

The database, named MyOPIA (MySQL Online Publications Index Administration) has been developed by Mr Dan Stowell, UCL Information Systems and Faculty of Life Sciences, in liaison with Academic Services and Management Systems.

Research publications data has been formally collated across UCL since 1997 and MyOPIA allows both academic staff publications from before this date and those published while employed outside of UCL to be added to the system. This will allow academic staff to have a complete personal listing of all their publications on MyOPIA, which is also accessible to the public.

Ms Rachel Port, Academic Support and Research Publications Officer, said: "The database has been designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible and has a number of features, including a straightforward search facility, compatibility with Reference Manager, Endnote and PubMed systems, and a facility for data to be dynamically included into faculty, departmental and individual academics' web pages. The database also enables academics or publications administrators to add and edit their own entries at any time, and can hold foreign letters and symbols."

MyOPIA is also connected to UCL's Eprints system, managed by UCL Library Services, which allows researchers to submit full-text copies of their research papers to an online archive. Once submitted to Eprints, the papers will automatically appear in the research publications database.

UCL Academic Services coordinates the annual UCL Research Publications Exercise whereby academic staff research publications data is collated by departmental publications administrators, typically a departmental secretary, administrator or research secretary, for the calendar year for inclusion in the online database.

Ms Port said: "We would encourage all academic and research staff to check the research publications database to ensure that their entries are included and to liaise with their designated departmental publications administrator in the first instance if they have any queries about their data. Staff can check their publications administrator on the online directory. Documentation about this new system for both UCL authors and publication administrators is available on the DeMISt website."