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Research speed dating

9 November 2005

UCL staff members are invited to sign up for UCL's first 'research speed dating' event on 9 December 2005 from 4pm-6.

Professor Anthony Finkelstein 30pm in the Old Refectory.

A joint initiative by the UCL Faculty of Arts & Humanities and the UCL Faculty of Engineering Sciences, the basic format will enable UCL staff to meet and chat briefly to a wide range of other UCL researchers.

Professor Anthony Finkelstein, Head of UCL Computer Science, said: "If you have an interesting problem that you might like to run past a physicist, computer scientist, psychologist, anthropologist, biochemist, cultural historian, specialist in translation/gender studies, or you have a new method or idea appropriate to application or exploration in another discipline or would simply like to expand your network of UCL contacts and find out what is going on, make friends and influence people, then come along. You will get a chance to 'pitch' your work to others and hear what they are doing. Following up contacts will be up to you! We expect a wide range of researchers, senior and junior, from all UCL faculties and institutes will attend. The event should be fun and there will, of course, be refreshments and lots of informal networking opportunities."

Image: Professor Anthony Finkelstein