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Batman Returns

23 May 2005

Christopher Nolan (English 1993) has directed one of this summer's blockbuster films, Batman Begins, featuring an appearance by Lucy Russell (Italian 1995) Described by Empire magazine as one of the most anticipated films of 2005, Nolan's Batman Begins will hit British cinema screens on 15 June 2005.

Batman Begins The film is being hailed as a return to form for the franchise after the disappointing Batman and Robin.

'Batman Begins' explores the origins of the Batman legend, relating how after witnessing the murder of his parents, the young Bruce Wayne disappears to the East where he comes under the influence of ninja cult leader Ra's Al-Ghul. On his return to a corrupt Gotham City, Wayne is ready to assume his alter-ego - Batman - and set about ridding the city of crime.

The all-star cast includes Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Ken Watanabe, Michael Caine and Liam Neeson, with Christian Bale playing Batman. Former UCL student, Lucy Russell (Italian 1995) also appears in the movie, playing the role of Susan. This isn't the first time the director and actress have worked together; Russell appeared in Nolan's debut feature Following in 1998.

Christopher Nolan achieved critical and commercial success with Memento before releasing the equally acclaimed Insomnia. Lucy Russell has appeared in a number of TV dramas and feature films, including Eric Rohmer's period French drama The Lady and the Duke and Ridley Scott's Tristan and Isolde.

Batman Begins has a further connection with UCL as filming commenced on 22 May 2004 at Senate House, Malet Street. The front of the building was made up as the Gotham City courts, complete with New York-style taxis and Gotham Police Department cars.