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Arcane chemistry

2 June 2005

Representatives from the world's leading architectural practices descended on UCL in June 2005 to see the Bartlett School of Architecture Summer Show.

Sarah Earney, Dip Unit 17 Bartlett graduates now work for every top firm in the UK - including Fosters, Richard Rogers Partnership and Grimshaw - with many of them recruited to these positions as a result of their displays in previous Summer Shows.

The exhibition included a diverse collection of drawings, models, devices, texts, animation and installations, all at the cutting edge of current architectural thought and practice.

More than 450 students from across the entire school contributed work to the Summer Show and projects ranged from Unit 's investigation into the future of the iconic building, RE-, to Unit 17's exploration of the dynamism of the city, Emerging and Dissolving Places.

Pascal Bronner, BSc Unit 5

Professor Iain Borden, writing in the introduction to the Summer Show's catalogue, said: "You will find an even larger selection of tantalising work from right across the school. Unpredictable invention, hard boiled analysis, technological obsession, thought-crafted interpretation, curious and arcane chemistry - all these are available by the bucket-load."

Work: Right - Sarah Earney, Dip Unit 17. Left - Pascal Bronner, BSc Unit 5.

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