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Research made simple

20 January 2005

A new joint initiative between UCL's Institute of Child Health (ICH) and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) aims to improve the information available on current research projects.

Dr Louise Forster By translating the language of scientific research into simple English, it will facilitate a greater understanding for families and carers of young people of the research being undertaken by ICH and GOSH.

The initiative was created in response to the Department of Health's Research Governance Framework, a scheme phased in since 2001, which aims to ensure that all health and social care research which takes place in the UK is carried out to the highest scientific and ethical standards.

Dr Louise Forster, Research Governance Coordinator at the ICH said: "As part of the framework, we must ensure that patients, service users, carers and care professionals have easy access to information on research being undertaken at the ICH and GOSH. We must also ensure that those agreeing to be involved in research are informed of the findings at the end of the study."

It is estimated that on average, 600 projects are undertaken at the ICH and GOSH at any given time. A new link to the existing GOSH patients and families website has been created to provide information about ongoing research. The website contains a link to a leaflet which features simple definitions of commonly used research terms such as 'controlled trial' and 'double blind trial'. Copies of these leaflets are distributed to children and families beginning treatment at GOSH as part of their 'welcome pack'.

The website also contains posters of research projects which were part of a conference entitled 'Research and Children: Involving and Informing', which took place at ICH in June 2004. The conference was dedicated to involving and informing children, young people and their families in research. Future developments include the addition of lay summaries of all ongoing research projects taking place at ICH and GOSH.

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