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Award for lung research

23 February 2005

A UCL academic accepted the first of three annual cheques for $96,000 at an award ceremony at the Rayne Institute in February 2005.

Dr Sam Janes and Mr David Bowser Dr Sam Janes of UCL's Centre for Respiratory Research (CRR) was granted a Johnson & Johnson Focused Giving Award to fund his lung research.

The ceremony was introduced by Professor Geoff Laurent, Director of the CRR, who talked about the centre's research into lung cancer, asthma and other respiratory diseases. Dr Janes' award was then presented by two representatives from Johnson & Johnson's Office of Science & Technology: Dr Joni Catalano-Sherman and Mr David Bowser. Johnson & Johnson awards around £2.5 million every year in Focused Giving grants, supporting seed grants as well as many 'fund-matching' programmes, where a department or research project needs to raise 50% of the necessary funds in order to secure government funding for the other 50%.

Dr Janes' study, 'Cell Therapy To Repair Injured Lung Parachyma by Genetically Modified Bone Marrow-Derived Stem Cells', will investigate whether transplanting certain stem cells found in bone marrow into the bloodstream can repair acute lung damage caused by illness or injury. Dr Janes said: "This award will enable me to carry out vital research work that may lead to real breakthroughs in the treatment of lung disease. I'd like to thank Johnson & Johnson for supporting this project."

Image: Dr Sam Janes and Mr David Bowser.

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