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First nanochemistry textbook

20 December 2005

UCL Honorary Professorial Fellow in Materials Chemistry, Professor Geoffrey Ozin and his colleague from the University of Toronto, Mr André Arsenault have launched the first textbook in the field of nanochemistry.

nanochemistry book

'Nanochemistry: A Chemical Approach to Nanomaterials' published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, is primarily designed as a teaching aid and adopts an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach to the subject, being based on material used in existing undergraduate and graduate courses.

It presents a basic chemical strategy for making nanomaterials and describes some of the principles of materials self-assembly over 'all' scales. It demonstrates how nanometre and micrometre scale building blocks - with a wide range of shapes, compositions and surface functionalities - can be coerced through chemistry to organise spontaneously into unprecedented structures, which can serve as tailored functional materials. It also provides suggestions of new ways to tackle research problems and speculations on how to think about assembling the future of nanotechnology are given.

Professor Ozin said: "Hopefully, this will be a very useful and user-friendly teaching and learning resource, as a research tool and for generally getting the big picture of nanochemistry - I am hoping it will fill the giant nanochemistry and nanomaterials void."