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Alumni email for life

13 December 2005

A new email service launched by the UCL Alumni Network hopes to keep former students in touch with UCL and each other, wherever they are.

The UCLmail service has been specifically designed for graduates of UCL and provides all leavers with a free forwarding address - your.name@uclmail.net - and the option to upgrade to a full account.

Commenting on the service, James Davis, Head of UCL Alumni Relations, said: "Thousands of alumni have already signed up for UCLmail, providing them with a prestigious email address which they can use for life. We are always keen to extend the number of benefits we provide for alumni and the new email service joins an already impressive list, which includes concessions to the UCL Bloomsbury Fitness Centre and UCL Language Centre, and free access to the UCL Union."

UCL regularly conducts surveys of those alumni using its exclusive set of benefits and services. One UCLmail user, Sam Allen (UCL Economics 2005), recently said he had applied for an account for several reasons: "Knowing that my UCL student email account was going to be closed, I wanted to find a replacement. I didn't want to use a service that only allowed me access to emails via webmail and I thought there was a pretty good chance of me getting a sensible UCLmail address (rather than sam.allen9238@hotmail.com, as I'm sure you can appreciate). I didn't want to use an email account given by my current ISP because of the hassle involved in letting everyone know when I switch providers."

He added: "Although generally I access my UCLmail through Outlook, I do like having access to webmail. And I do quite like having the UCL bit in my email address. Finally, I have found the service to date to be flawless."

While the service is free to all UCL alumni, for a £5 annual fee, users can upgrade to a full email account, allowing them to send as well as receive emails from their account. Upgraded accounts also include advanced SPAM and virus filters and an expandable 50MB mailbox. All alumni may trial the full account, free of charge, for three months.