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EISD launches CALT

18 April 2005

EISD, under the directorship of Professor Roland Rosner, brings together staff with expertise in a number of complementary areas including pedagogy, learning technologies, digital video storage and communications, web services, IT infrastructure and management information systems.

EISD's new centre will work with UCL's faculties and departments to facilitate the development of pedagogy and to support a variety of approaches to learning and teaching based on research in the field. The Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching (CALT) will also be a major resource for new lecturers during their probationary period in line with the Government's proposals for the professionalisation of teaching, which are due to come into force in 2006.

CALT offers:

  • expertise in Adult Learning and Professional Development and the coordination of this work at UCL
  • a wide range of taught courses, some of which award-bearing, enabling academics to reflect on their teaching practice and to share experience and expertise. CALT courses also provide an opportunity for administrative/support staff to engage actively with the theory and practice of learning
  • funding for secondments enabling staff in UCL Departments to develop innovative approaches to teaching in their disciplines
  • a full programme of Personal and Professional Development activities for postgraduates, including intensive residential courses with students working in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams
  • a MPhil/PhD programme with students studying a wide range of issues related to learning and professional development
  • scholarship and research in Higher Education, including research projects with other departments, such as Leverhulme-funded projects
  • support for departments in the development of curricula, new modes of assessment and especially the use of e-learning
  • support for undergraduates and postgraduates who want to improve their academic writing and for academics who wish to help their students in this area
  • support for the teaching of Modern Languages
  • career development programmes for contract research staff

To find out more about the centre use the link below.