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2005 Deaths

December 2005

Professor Claude Ambrose Rogers
BSc UCL First Class Honours in Special Mathematics (1938); PhD UCL Mathematics (1941); Research Student (1945-1946), Assistant Lecturer (1946-1949), Lecturer (1949-1953), Reader in Mathematics (1953-1954), Astor Chair of Mathematics (1958-1986), UCL Mathematics; Fellow of UCL (1963); Emeritus Professor of Mathematics (1986-), Honorary Research Fellow (1988-), UCL Mathematics

October 2005

Brian N Ruth
IT User Support Analyst (2001-)

Graham Francis Crowther
Technician (1974-2001), UCL Physiology

Dr A R Jonckheere
Lecturer (1999-2002), UCL Psychology

September 2005

Dr Nata Goulandris
Senior Lecturer, UCL Human Communication Science Obituary

Una Mary Woodliffe
Personal Assistant to the College Secretary (1964-1978)

Professor David W Pearce OBE
Professor of Economics (1983-2004), Emeritus Professor of Economics (2004-2005), UCL Economics

Professor Edward Richard Hardy Ivamy
Assistant Lecturer (1947-1950), Lecturer (1950-1956), Reader (1956-1960), Professor of Law (1960-1986), Emeritus Professor of Law (1986-2005), UCL Laws

July 2005

Major General Ian Baker
Secretary of UCL (1982-1991)

Gladys Wundowa
Cleaning Operative, Cleaning & Waste Services (1989-2005). A funeral service was held for Gladys on 13 August 2005 at the Central Hall Westminster, Storey's Gate, London SW1H 9NH

June 2005

On 17 June 2005 of Dr Rudiger Flach, Research Fellow, Department of Psychology (2003-2005)

On 22 June 2005 of Professor Ben Pettet, Lecturer, Faculty of Laws (1978-1990); Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Laws (1990-2002); Faculty Tutor, Faculty of Laws (1992-1995); Professor of Company & Capital Markets Law, Faculty of Laws (2002-2005)

Arthur Tattersall, Secretary of UCL (1964-1978); Fellow of UCL (1979)

Professor Peter Youngman, Lecturer in Landscape Design (part time), Department of Town Planning (1948-1979)

May 2005

Professor Sir R Rees Davies, Student, Department of History (1956-1959); Assistant Lecturer, Department of History (1963); Lecturer, Department of History (1964); Tutor, Department of History (1967-1976); Fellow of UCL (1998)

April 2005

Franz Ferdinand Heymann, Assistant Lecturer, Department of Physics (1950-1952); Lecturer, Department of Physics (Lecturer, Department of Physics (1952-1960); PhD, Department of Physics (1960-1966); Professor, Department of Physics (1966-1972); Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy (1975-1987); Fellow of UCL (1987)

Douglas Johnson, Professor of French History, Department of History (1968-1990); Dean of the Faculty of Arts (1979-1982)

On the 19 April of Adis Kulo (Philosophy 2) UCL statement

Veronica Lam student, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (1969); PhD, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (1973) Obituary

Innocent Okuons, Security Officer, Security & Access Systems (2000-2005)

On the 22 April of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, student, Slade School of Fine Art (1944-1947); Fellow of UCL (1986) 'Guardian' obituary

March 2005

Charles Frank Albert Marmoy, Library; Junior Library Assistant (1925-1930); Library Assistant (Thane Library, 1933-1939); Assistant Librarian (1946-1974)

February 2005

Professor Peter Campbell, Student, Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry (1939-1942, 1946-1947); Member of Staff, Department of Biochemistry and Middlesex Hospital Medical School (1947-1949, 1954-1967); Director, Courtauld Institute of Biochemistry, Middlesex Hospital Medical School (1976-1987); Fellow of UCL (1981); Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry, University of London (1987-2005)

Professor Gordon Elliott Fogg, Department of Botany; Temporary Assistant Lecturer (1945-1946); Assistant Lecturer (1946-1947); Lecturer (1952-1953); Reader (1953-1954; Honorary Research Associate (1960-1961); Honorary Research Fellow (1970-1971)

John M Hughes, Technician (Glassblower), Department of Chemistry (1990-2005)

Edward Ross Jamieson, Lecturer, Bartlett School of Architecture (1999-2005)

Professor Peter Alan Sweet, Lecturer, Department of Astronomy (1952-1953); Lecturer and Assistant Director of the Observatory (1953-1959)

January 2005

Professor Charles Martin Robertson, Yates Professor of Classical Art & Archaeology (1948-1961); Honorary Fellow (1980)