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Four UCL academics elected to Royal Society

4 May 2004

UCL academics feature prominently in this year's list of new Fellows of the Royal Society.

The Fellowships, announced on 28 May 2004 recognize excellence in the fields of science, engineering, technology and medicine.

The honours went to: Professor Richard Catlow, Head of the Department of Chemistry, for his pioneering work in computer modelling in solid state and materials chemistry; Professor David Kemp, Institute of Laryngology & Otology, for his discovery that the ear emits sound; Professor William Motherwell, Department of Chemistry, for his discovery, invention and development of a range of new and unusual synthetic methods used in contemporary organic chemistry; and Professor David Preiss, Department of Mathematics, for his seminal contributions to nonlinear geometric functional analysis.

UCL's Provost & President, Professor Malcolm Grant, welcomed the election of the UCL professors as Royal Society Fellows: "Scientific excellence is the hall-mark of the UK's world-class universities, and we are delighted by the awards to four leading members of UCL's scientific community. This is a wonderful individual achievement by Professors Catlow, Kemp, Motherwell and Preiss, and I am delighted that UCL continues to provide the right climate to nurture such outstanding individual talents."

For a full list of this year's New Fellows and Foreign Members of the Royal Society, use the link below.

Link: Royal Society