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Can you dig it?

10 June 2004

An event designed to get year 12 and 13 schoolchildren interested in archaeology will take place at UCL on 2 July 2004.

Ms Kimberlee-Sue Lange 'Archaeology: Can You Dig It?' is part of the UCL Masterclass series, organised by the Widening Participation Unit.

The two-hour introduction to archaeology, devised by Ms Kimberlee Lange (Institute of Archaeology), is divided between a theoretical and practical session. Students will find out what archaeology is and what archaeologists do and be introduced to the many different types of archaeology available, from the familiar, such as Ancient Greece and Egypt, to lesser-known fields such as paleobotany and lithic use. There will also be a debate on whether archaeology is a science or a humanities subject.

The practical session will introduce students to the tools archaeologists use and the methods behind an excavation. The masterclass will end with a small-scale demonstration of how to conduct an excavation in your own back garden. Ms Lange said: "It should be extremely eye-opening for the students as we bring to their attention the diversity of the term 'archaeology'."

UCL masterclasses provide students and teachers with the opportunity to visit a number of university departments and experience real lectures delivered by UCL staff. Past masterclasses have covered English, chemistry and history.