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UCL celebrates alumni contribution to history

27 July 2004

An informal seminar, celebrating the contribution made by alumni to global archaeology and history, will take place at UCL in November.

Dr Alan Johnston

Organised by Dr Alan Johnston of UCL's Insitute of Archaeology, the colloquium will feature twenty scholars of international reputation who pursued their undergraduate or postgraduate careers at UCL.

Speakers such as Dr Elizabeth French (University of Cambridge), Dr Vassos Karageorghis (Anastasios G. Leventis Foundation), Dr Dyfri Williams (British Museum) and Professor Robert Garland (Colgate University), will discuss a range of diverse topics, ranging from texts to metallurgy.

"The colloquium promises to consolidate the quantity and quality of the work of UCL alumni in archaeology and history. It will contribute to a broader understanding of the multiplicity of skills and disciplines involved in the study and interpretation of these disciplines," says Dr Johnston.

'UCL and the Ancient Mediterranean - The Research of Alumni in its Archaeology and History' takes place at the Institute of Archaeology from 12-13 November 2004. The event is sponsored by the Centre for the Classical World, the Leventis Foundation and the Complex and Literate Societies Research Group of the Institute of Archaeology.

For more information about Dr Johnston, use the link below.

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