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Bartlett summer show

16 July 2004

UCL's Portico provided the backdrop to this year's Summer Show for the Bartlett School of Architecture, held on 25 June 2004.

Professor Peter Cook & Zaha Hadid

The evening marked the beginning of a week-long series of events surrounding the exhibition of Bartlett students' work held in the galleries of the Slade School of Art.

The internationally acclaimed architect Zaha Hadid opened the proceedings with a speech in which she praised the Bartlett's staff and students for their creativity and contribution to architecture.

Concept Process Realisation’, by Unit 15

Guests were then free to explore the diverse collection of drawings, models, devices, texts, animations and installations which make up the Summer Show, and to enjoy the live DJs and bands performing on the Portico.

More than 450 students from across the entire school contributed work to the Summer Show, which will be on display until 3 July 2004. Projects range from Unit 7's investigation into sustainable architecture, 'Architecture & Urban Agriculture', to Unit 18's exploration of the possibilities of high-rise architecture, 'Vertigo/Verticality'. Unit 19, in 'The Pataphysical Exceptions of Reflexive Architecture', considers the impact of virtual technology on architectural practice and thought, while 'Concept Process Realisation', by Unit 15, employs video, animation and motion graphics to 'generate, develop, refine and represent spatial interventions'.

Professor Peter Cook, writing in the introduction to the Summer Show's first catalogue, encapsulates this diversity and creativity as: "500 or more free spirits: talented, ambitious, weird, droll - called 'students', co-erced and cajoled by some 60 or more free spirits: talented, ambitious, weird, droll - called 'teachers'. ... Enjoy the chemistry. This year, as others - totally unpredictable."

Images: Top - Professor Peter Cook & Zaha Hadid. Middle - Concept Process Realisation, by Unit 15. Bottom - Vertigo/Verticality, by Unit 18.

For more information on the Bartlett follow the link below.

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