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London Centre for Nanotechnology Showcase Event

13 January 2004

The London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) is hosting a showcase event on Wednesday 14th January 2004 at the Institute for Child Health to raise awareness of this cutting-edge new technology.

Speakers at the event, starting at 3.30pm, will include: Lord Sainsbury, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Science and Innovation; Professor Malcolm Grant, Provost of University College London; Sir Richard Sykes, Rector of Imperial College London; Sir Derek Roberts, Chairman of the LCN; and Michael Frye CBE, London Development Agency.

LCN aims to be one of the world's leading centres for nanotechnology-based research, aiming to produce new materials, devices and systems tailored to meet the needs of a growing range of commercial, scientific, engineering and medical applications - opening new markets and yielding dramatic benefits in product performance.

The centre has already been successful in forging strong links with industry by concentrating on harnessing the technology to provide real-world applications. This could mean for example, the design of minute drug doses tailored for the optimal treatment of disease, or the manufacture of computers with memories a thousand times the size of a current desktop PC, yet which take up the same or less space. It could also yield new approaches to environmental monitoring and lower emission manufacturing.

The LCN brings together two world leading institutions in nantechnology, University College London and Imperial College London, and its new purpose-built centre in central London is scheduled to open in central London in January 2005.

Following the presentations, members of the LCN will be available to discuss their research.

Notes to editors:

  1. 1. The London Centre for Nanotechnology Showcase Event will be held at the Institute of Child Health, Guildford Street, London, WC1N 1EH at 3.30pm. To attend the event obtain advance copies of the speeches, or make arrangements to interview any of the participants, please contact Heidi Foden, UCL Media Relations, 020 7679 7678 or h.foden@ucl.ac.uk