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Raring to go

24 February 2004

Throughout February 2004 UCL's dedicated radio station - Rare FM - will be broadcasting throughout the day on 87.

Frankie Roberto, Rare FM’s Director of Music 7fm. The station normally only broadcasts on the internet and within the UCL bars during lunchtimes.

The station opens each day with SBN Breakfast, the Student Broadcasting Network's own radio show. This is then followed by Rare FM's Director of Music, Frankie Roberto and his breakfast show. The rest of the day is filled with music, news and interviews in a series of one- and two-hour slots which encompass everything from jazz and classical to drum and bass and hip hop. The day ends with a club DJ programme from 1am onwards.

Rare FM applies for a one-month licence each year which enables it to broadcast within a two mile radius of the main campus. The funding for this year's licence came from SBN, KPMG, STA Travel and UCL Union, with students giving up their free time to produce and host the programmes.

For a full schedule of Rare FM programmes follow the link below.

Link: Rare FM