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The Baytree Science Club

23 December 2004

Nappies, squid, borax and PVA glue.

Teacher dissecting These were just some of the materials primary school teachers got to grips with at a recent training session organised by the Baytree Science Club (BSC). The BSC is an after-school science course for 8-11 year old girls at the Baytree Centre, a non-profit community centre helping unemployed women, lone parents and girls aged 3-18 years who live in the London borough of Lambeth.

Interactive experiments, such as demonstrating the absorption of water by sodium polyacrylate with babies' nappies, and creating slime using guar gum and borax, encouraged teachers to inspire young children to take an active interest in science.

The BSC is organised by Dr Brigitte Meunier (Wolfson Institute of Biomedical Research) and is assisted by Dr Astrid Wingler (Department of Biology), Dr Cristiano Velloso (Royal Free Hospital) and Lisa Magloff (King's College).

Dr Meunier said: "The teachers liked the nature of the teaching session, which was very hands on. They left the session with fresh ideas for experiments which are affordable, fun and complement the curriculum."

To find out more about the BSC use the link below.

The Baytree Science Club