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Disability equality event for UCL staff

27 April 2004

A series of sessions for UCL staff will be held on 16 June 2004, in order to enhance knowledge and awareness about a range of disabilities and the social and environmental barriers faced by disabled people.

Disability Equality – Carrots & Stigmas? The event, entitled 'Disability Equality - Carrots & Stigmas?' also aims to ensure disabled and non-disabled staff know the range of help and assistance available in meeting individual needs.

Seven sessions, lasting around one hour each, will be repeated throughout the day in rooms off the South Cloisters.

Sessions include 'Not Just Ramps and Lifts - Access Solutions', 'Working at it - Effective Recruitment of Disabled People' and ' Hearing and Visual Disabilities'. Speakers include UCL staff and representatives from a range of organisations will host some of the sessions.

Ms Fiona McLean, UCL's Equal Opportunities Coordinator, is organising the event. She said: "We want to promote a supportive and inclusive culture of disability equality at UCL by improving access and opportunities for disabled people. By utilising some innovative methods throughout the day, such as role play and virtual reality, we hope to encourage that culture and environment."

To find out more about the programme, or to register for sessions, contact Cindy Cox: x09764

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