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UCL spin-out launches revolutionary dental product

11 September 2003

Denfotex, a company licensing technology developed by staff at UCL's Eastman Dental Institute (EDI), has launched an innovative product for the treatment of dental caries and endodontal disease.

Denfotex’s new treatment could revolutionise dentistry

In 1991, UCL filed a patent on the application of photo-dynamic therapy (PDT) in the oral cavity as a result of research carried out by Professor Mike Wilson (EDI).

Denfotex, formed by CEO David Clements, and Professor Gavin Pearson (formerly EDI), commissioned a research programme at the Institute to use photo-activated disinfection (PAD) for the treatment of dental caries and endodontal disease. Under the direction of Professor Mike Wilson, the research team has developed a revolutionary product which has received regulatory approval in Europe.

The treatment involves the application of a photosensitiser onto the tooth. A low power laser optimally activates the photosensitiser killing the bacteria by the release of reactive oxygen species. The research concluded that the treatment can kill 99.9% of all bacterial types found in caries and root canals.

Professor Wilson said: "The principal goal was to convert the concept into a clinical procedure that dentists could use regularly and effectively to prevent and treat these infections."

The Eastman research has also been applied to periodontal disease (gum disease) and other oral infections. Professor Wilson is now undertaking further research regarding the application of the techniques to the treatment of other infections eg. open wounds and burns.

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