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UCL student wins London Student of the Year

30 October 2003

Sarah-Louise Benjamin, who has just graduated from UCL's Department of French, has won the Waterstone's Excellence & Achievement Award: London Student of the Year 2003.

Sarah-Louise Benjamin

Administered by the University of London Union, the awards recognise students who have performed outstandingly in their field of study and contributed significantly to the enrichment of university life.

During Sarah-Louise's year abroad she contributed greatly to the mailing list which kept all the students in touch with each other and the department. On her return, she gave plenty of advice and encouragement to others who had just begun their year abroad.

Sarah said: "When I got back, one of my friends was worried about failing his oral exam so I organised a discussion group for finalists to practise their French by engaging in debates on different topics. Also, during the year I was involved in the Peer Assisted Learning Sessions, aimed at helping first-and second-year students improve their spoken French, and in various widening participation ventures. I was under the impression that I had won a certificate and a book token - it was a Waterstone's award after all. In the end it turned out I had won the biggest prize: £1,000."

To find out more about Sarah's department use the link below.

Link: UCL's Department of French