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Life in the slums examined

17 October 2003

Dr Jane Pryer (Primary Care & Population Sciences) has published a book detailing her innovative research into life in the Bangladeshi slums.

Dr Jane Pryer’s new book analyses the vulnerability of those living in Dhaka slums Poverty and Vulnerability in Dhaka Slums is the result of a three-year urban livelihoods study funded by the government's Department for International Development, and includes perspectives from epidemiology, social sciences, nutrition and anthropology.

Dr Pryer said: "The multidisciplinary approach makes sense, as epidemiology describes the world of slum inhabitants, but anthropology and social sciences provide explanations on the what and why questions that epidemiology cannot answer. As far as I know there has not been a study on slum poverty in such detail anywhere in the world."

The book covers many dimensions of vulnerability and poverty, including vulnerable livelihoods, marital vulnerability, child labour, the female workforce, and family and women's negotiation and wellbeing within the household, ill health, work-disabling illness and malnutrition in children, adults and households, as well as policy implications.

Dr Pryer commented: "The study was very challenging, as conditions were difficult. During the three years, we faced civil unrest, serious flooding and transient households; but with help from the tracking team the response rate was very good."

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